Top Tips for Searching for Flights

Have you ever searched a flight, then re-visited a few days later to find it has ballooned in price?

This can happen, as airlines use sophisticated demand-based pricing systems that also take into account factors such as how many seats are remaining on the flight and how close it is to the date of the flight.

Their websites use cookies to monitor your browsing, and will remember what you searched when you re-visit the website.

To combat this, browse “secretly” by using incognito windows. For example on the browser Google Chrome, click the top right small settings button and then click “New Incognito Window”.

Another tip for flight browsing is to be inventive, is is worth travelling to a different airport or not doing an exact set one-week or two-week stay? Don’t forget to consider travelling with different airlines, outbound with one airline and inbound with another.

SkyScanner is a great resource for being more inventive with searching for flights, it allows you to easily change dates and airports. You can tick a box which says “Add nearby airports” when entering your departure airport. You can set up email alerts for changes in the price of a specific date.

Although it’s a wonderful way of searching, for the actual booking of the flight it’s always advisable to get direct to the airline’s website.

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