Self-Catering Food & Drink Shopping

There are plenty of small supermarkets dotted around Playa Blanca, such as various Spar and Hiper Dino supermarkets.

The biggest and generally the cheapest supermarket, best for your “big shop”, in Playa Blanca is the Super Dino with the underground car park located in the town centre. Click here for Google Maps link. If you haven’t got a car ask at the small information desk for the staff to call you a taxi. A taxi to any of our villas would cost approximately 5 euros.

If you’re willing to drive, you’ll find larger and cheaper supermarkets in Playa Honda, for example the Mercadona supermarket, and Lidl.

For your favourite British products there is a British supermarket in Playa Blanca called Overseas, click here for a Google Maps link.

There is a shopping delivery service offered by A Little Bit Bazar, who offer an online ordering service, handy if you aren’t hiring a car. Click here.

If you’re staying at any of our villas on Residencial Montaña Roja (Captiva, Esmee, Elysium, Vicini or Quintus) and Las Buganvillas (Nydia and Maelle), there’s a small but well-stocked convenience store just a few minutes’ walk away. Walk towards the bins and head towards the dual carriageway, and you’ll see the shop over the other side near the football pitch, click here for a Google Maps link.