Lanzarote is the most easterly of the Canary Islands and lies approximately 80 miles off the coast of Africa. Creating a comfortable all year-round climate with low rainfall and temperatures that rarely fall below 20°C during the day even in the winter months. 

Lanzarote, best known as the Island of Fire, which had one of the world’s longest ever volcanic eruption, which lasted six years from 1730. Which covered around one quarter of the island in a layer of lava that today gives parts of Lanzarote the appearance like the surface of the moon.

Although a small island, Lanzarote has many attractions. Offering visitors much more than just beautiful beaches and volcanic landscapes. 

The influence of the island born artist and architect Cesar Manrique can be found all over the island and he created some of the unique tourist attractions like Jameos Del Agua and the Mirador Del Rio.
Lanzarote was declared a UNESCO protected biosphere in 1994. The first island in the world to enjoy such status. 

Lanzarote has some amazing scenery and vast contrast in vistas from the lava fields of the Timanfaya National Park, the green valleys of the North and the beautiful white sandy beaches of Papagayo in the South.