Christmas & New Year – Spanish Style

Christmas and New Year are very popular times to visit Lanzarote and the festive period is a fabulous time of year on the island.

Here is how the Spanish celebrate the festive period;

24th December: Christmas eve, “Noche buena”, is the time for a large family gathering with a big meal.

25th December: Christmas day is not the main day for presents but there is normally another big family meal. Merry Christmas is “Feliz Navidad”.

28th December: This is the Spanish equivalent of April Fool’s Day, known as “Dia de los Santos Inocentes” – which means the Day of the Holy Innocents, so make sure you’re on your feet and don’t get caught out!

31st December: New Year’s Eve celebrations run long into the morning. On the countdown until midnight, on the final 12 strokes of the clock a grape for each stroke is eaten – it can be hard to keep up! If you’re dining in a restaurant on New Year’s Eve you’ll probably be given twelve grapes, make sure you save them for the countdown!

5th January: Processions take place in the evening where the Three Wise Men march through the towns and villages, throwing out sweets to children. Usually the Three Wise Men are joined by the likes of Mikey Mouse and co on the march in Playa Blanca!

6th January: This is the most important day of the festive period and when most presents are exchanged, it’s the Feast of the Epiphany and marks when the Three Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem.