Travel money – the modern way

Gone are the days of taking a large amount of cash on holiday to exchange for the local currency or getting stung by bank card fees for payments abroad. We have discovered Revolut and haven’t looked back.

Revolut is effectively a bank. Not a physical bank with a high street presence, but a digital-only bank with a card for spending. With low fees and good exchange rates (pretty much the market rate) it is ideal for your overseas travel, including – of course – Lanzarote!

Once set up, you use your usual home bank card to top it up. Once the money is in your Revolut account, you can hold it in different currencies. For example, when the rate is favourable you can move your pounds to euros. You can hold money in multiple currencies at once.

Spending abroad is simple, use the card like you would a local one and you’ll avoid the fees you’d get charged if you were to use your home bank card. You can withdraw cash, free withdrawals are up to £200 per month, after which there is a 2% fee.

One great advantage for groups is the ease of sending money to each other or the split bill feature through just one card.

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