Lanzarote Wines

Despite the warm all-year climate, the island produces its own wine. And it’s gorgeous! It really is a must-do on a visit to enjoy the taste of Lanzarote locally-produced wine. Many visitors are surprised to hear this, and even more surprised by the taste.

It’s extraordinary that wine is produced given the climate, it’s in part due to small moisture in the Atlantic winds and the hard work of the local winegrowers. So how do they do it? Holes are dug out the picon in the ground to plant the vines, with small semi-circle walls built around them to prevent them from drying out. You can find these most prominently in the La Geria area, a 20-25 minute drive from Playa Blanca.

Cultivating the wine is very labour-intensive, and it’s all completely natural, so it can seem expensive to buy on the island, although it’s made on the island!

When you’re out be sure to try a wine from Lanzarote. Our personal favourite is the pictured “Bermejo, seco”. It is a dry white wine with a crisp taste, and is very (or too) easy-drinking!

If you’re not able to visit the wine regions, make sure you order a local wine when dining out, the waiters will no doubt be happy to help you select.

Useful phrases

vino tinto (red wine), vino blanco (white wine), vino rosado (rosé wine), vino dulce (dessert wine)

vino afrutado (fruity wine), vino seco (dry wine), vino dulce (sweet wine)


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