Carnival in Playa Blanca

What is “Carnival”?

Carnival is celebrated in the period leading up to lent, its dates vary town-by-town and also depend on when Easter falls. It is basically a huge party! The Catholic influence in Spain, and also delight at any kind of party, makes the celebration of carnival a very important date in the calendar. Conversely, the UK doesn’t celebrate a carnival and marks the “fifth season” with Shrove Tuesday.

What happens?

There is a huge procession with everybody dressed up in costume and dancing in the streets. In Playa Blanca the square near the church is used as space to erect a large stage for the live music and dancing space.

When is it?

In Playa Blanca this year it is between Thursday 28th March and Sunday 31st March. The main parade and celebrations is on the night of Saturday 30th March. Every night there is music and dancing, apart from the final day where celebrations tend to take place during the day.

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